Nawareum Explainer Animations
Client: Nawareum

The NAWAREUM, a hands-on museum located in Straubing, Bavaria, opened its doors in 2023. It offers an engaging and interactive experience where visitors can delve into various subjects such as nature, climate change, plant life, conservation, and cutting-edge technology, all with a focus on sustainability.

I was so grateful that the NAWAREUM trusted me to lead a team of freelancer and tackle all the illustrated parts of the Museum. With over a hundred illustrations, animations and explainer videos this was a big task and we are proud of what we accomplished! It's especially nice to get the chance to work on a project with a better future in mind!

Here you will see four of the explainer videos that were created to explain Carbon, Photosynthesis, Wood Gasification and Obstruction Lighting.
Animation: Vera Mayrhofer (Carbon & wood gasifier)
Animation: Katharina Petsche (Photosynthesis & Obstruction Lighting)
Sound Design: Marko Sulz
Voice Over: Martin Unterlechner (German), Findlay Mackay (English)
Lead / Art direction / Illustration / Concept: Sonja Stangl
Carbon / Kohlenstoff
The one little thing, that is almost everywhere!
Wood Gasifier / Holzvergaser
Once used to drive cars, but now a way for sustainable heating.
Photosynthesis / Photosynthese
The amazing thing plants do, that makes life on earth possible!
Obstruction Lighting / Hindernisbefeuerung
The evolution of the signal lights on windmills and how they have become a lot more resident friendly over the years.
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