The Spirits of creativity
It's a mysterious world of wonder where the spirits of creativity dwell. They are part of our creative process and most of the time they help us along the way to finish our work of art, but sometimes they also set little traps we stumble upon on our creative journey.
The Leader
Momma miu is the mother of all the spirits and mother of creation and creativity. Her mood is light and happy and she controls everything with a smile. But it's better to get out of the way if something really makes her angry.
The Brave
Fney is the child of momma miu and a mountain goat and the only one who is bound to gravity. This gave her a hard time as a kid, but also made her strong and brave. She learned how to get her own way and with her nib spear she fights every blank page without fear. She is the spirit of the brave artist who will try over and over again and persist in finding the right way. On the other side she is more strong-headed than clever and sometimes picks fights where a little bit of cunning may have gone the longer way.
The Joyful
Pa represents the creativity of kids. There is no such thing as a mistake and it's all about the process. In her head she is constantly hatching ideas and finding inspiration in everything. She loves to collect things and admires every little part of the world. But also it's hard for her to focus with everything seeming like such a good idea and she loves to jump from one topic to the next. 
She is  more connected to the force of creation. In fact, she got the wild, raw creative force as her pet.
The Wild
Their family pet, but mostly actually Pa's pet, is a wild creature of creativity. It is a manifestation of raw creative energy, that comes from the border lands of their world, where creativity starts to cross over the line into the insane. 

The Mischievous
Rekk, always drunk on creative juices and up to no good. An ambiguous spirit, who is whispering ideas into your ear until you believe your work sucks but you start wondering if it might get better with some glasses of wine with it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't though. It would be Rekk's doing, when you spill a glass of water over an almost finished drawing.
Rekk is the creative spirit of drinking and distraction. Both of them can help or harm the creative process.
The Serious
Thean, the spirit of constant overthinking and theorizing. At some point Thean was part of momma mius head, but eventually she got sick of the constantly questioning voice in her, so she pulled Thean out and made it an entity of its own. 
Thean loves to spend time with the perfectionist artists and is pondering a lot over the only right solution to things. As the spirit of indecision and self doubt, for Thean creativity is not just fun, but also a lot of pain.
These characters were created for the annual character design challenge on artstation.
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