Playful Illustration:
Analog Experimentation for Illustrators
Workshop with Sonja Stangl
Illustration workshop where we explore the balance between efficiency and fun, focusing on adding experimentation and playfulness to our work!
July 5 · 10am - July 6 · 6pm CEST

Viktor-Christ-Gasse 10, 1050 Vienna

Ever feel like dipping your hand into ink and smearing it across the paper? Or tossing a brush loaded with paint onto a blank canvas? As illustrators, we often work in a controlled manner, leaving little room for experimentation. Deadlines loom, clients expect something familiar from our portfolio, and we rely on our tried-and-true methods to solve problems.

But why did we become illustrators in the first place? Wasn't it the joy of playful creation, the magic of putting ideas onto paper? Yet, as it became a job, that lightness and playfulness often faded. I've felt that, and I want to share some techniques I've used to reclaim that joy. For me, working with analog materials is key. But as professionals, we still need to deliver—so how do we blend fun and efficiency?

This workshop isn't just about my process; we'll also explore how to infuse your own style and voice with playfulness. We'll create "handmade" textures unique to us. We'll take a stroll with our inner child, following our instincts to see what happens. Then, we'll tie these insights into our professional work, making them usable for clients.

Example of experiments that can be turned into illustrations :)

This two-day workshop is designed for professional illustrators or those on the brink of entering the industry, with a solid understanding of the profession. We won't cover basic art skills; instead, we'll focus on developing your creative process.
Tickets: EUR 288,–
(incl. 20% VAT)
plus coffee/tea and small snacks
Group Size: 5 - 12 Participants
Thank you! You are registered for the workshop! I will be in touch shortly with further details.Looking forward to meet you in July! :)
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